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We have been organising leading B2B trade exhibitions for over twenty years, and are responsible for a portfolio of over 50 shows across the world, from niche industry events like European Neuro Convention to major global events like The B2B Marketing Expo and White Label World Expo.

In 2019 alone we have opened new offices in the USA, Hong Kong, Germany, are branching into two new offices in the UK, and added 10 more events to our global portfolio. Prysm has a reputation for producing well run, well attended events that receive significant investment to ensure they constantly evolve and improve. The success of our events is built on an ethos of delivering outstanding educational content that attracts highly targeted audiences and offers an engaging attendee experience. With an intense new launch plan underway for 2019/20, this is just the beginning.


PRYSM launches four new shows during lockdown

PRYSM launches four new shows during lockdown

PRYSM Group have launched four new trade shows in London and Las Vegas since going into...

White Label World Expo Shortlisted

White Label World Expo Shortlisted

After the hugely successful launch of the White Label World Expo at the ExCeL, London back...

PRYSM is Saving the Planet

PRYSM is Saving the Planet

We have partnered with the incredible Green Earth Appeal and their Carbon Free Dining initiative to...

Reach around the world through International Marketplaces.

PRYSM Group aren't just UK based, we are a company that is expanding all over the globe. We now have offices set up in countries as far flung as Las Vegas and even Hong Kong.

Our vast range of B2B events provide businesses with the ultimate platform, to network and build strong relationships with the international conglomerates that are making waves within their specialist sector.

We have the ability help even the smallest start-up businesses across the world be an even bigger success than they could have ever imagined. If you have any enquires about opportunities abroad with PRSYM Group please contact us.

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