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The UK’s fastest growing independent trade exhibition organiser is now going Global

We have been organising leading B2B trade exhibitions for over twenty years, and are responsible for a portfolio of over 50 shows across the world, from niche industry events like European Neuro Convention to major global events like The B2B Marketing Expo and White Label World Expo.

In 2019 alone we have opened new offices in the USA, Hong Kong, Germany, are branching into two new offices in the UK, and added 10 more events to our global portfolio. Prysm has a reputation for producing well run, well attended events that receive significant investment to ensure they constantly evolve and improve. The success of our events is built on an ethos of delivering outstanding educational content that attracts highly targeted audiences and offers an engaging visitor experience. With an intense new launch plan underway for 2019/20, this is just the beginning..

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Visiting a show

Do you want to gain invaluable insight into your specific industry? PRYSM Group specialises in providing the ultimate market place to take your business or professional development to the next level. All of our events are free to attend and showcase expert lead seminars, innovative suppliers, interactive masterclasses, live demos, unlimited networking opportunities and more. From street food vendors, to ambitious law firms, to leading neurologists, you are guaranteed to find an event that is catered to your needs.

Exhibiting a show

Exhibiting is one of the most effective and powerful marketing activities available. Having a presence at one of our shows gives you unparalleled exposure to your target audience, which will be packed with aspiring professionals and companies. You also have the opportunity to sell your products and services to these highly targeted visitors face to face. No other form of marketing can get you in a room with so many potential customers actively looking for suppliers, information, and guidance. PRYSM Group provides you with this powerful platform across the most expansive and diverse portfolio available.

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Show partnership

At PRYSM Group, we pride ourselves on our ability to build strong and lasting relationships with everyone we work with, and we constantly strive to create bonds with new business associates too. Whether you are a charity, publication or industry press we can provide you with exciting and endless partnership opportunities for anyone wanting to be associated with our world-renowned brand and phenomenal events. This is an incredible opportunity that should not be missed. If you think your company will benefit from this opportunity, then please contact us.

Show sponsorship

Sponsoring at one of our shows is an incredibly effective and efficient way to market your brand to thousands of the leading experts, figure heads, and businesses within your target sector. PRYSM Group provides you with an unbeatable array of inventive sponsorship ideas to help you showcase your branding to your industry’s leading companies, which can only have positive impact on your business. From show bag sponsorship, to VIP lounge sponsorship to even having the opportunity to sponsor live demos on the Thames, PRYSM Group provides the best ways to promote your brand to your audience.

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