Advertise Your Attendance
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Advertise Your Attendance

Here at PRYSM, we’re lucky enough to have an entire department whose job it is to help our exhibitors achieve maximum ROI from their chosen event.

And when it comes to pre-show support, the main focus for our Smart Exhibiting team is on giving you all the guidance and tools you need to advertise your attendance at our show using the most efficient and effective methods possible.

After all, you’ve gone to all the trouble of preparing a great-looking stand to represent your business, but all that effort is unlikely to bring you the results you’re after unless you promote your presence leading up to the event.

So how can you go about advertising your attendance pre-show? One of the great things about exhibiting at a PRYSM event is that each and every company gets use of our Exhibitor Portal - a Content Management System (CMS) containing a library of ready-to-use graphics, web banners, guest invites, email templates, press releases, adverts and more.

Using these tools will enable you to create a custom communication plan to market the show to your customers, prospects and wider industry; providing them with all the essential information they need to come and find your booth on the day.

And as for when you should begin your pre-show campaign, we’ve found that three months prior to your event is the optimal time to kick it off. Start it too far in advance and no one will remember by the time the show comes around, but start it one week before and you’re likely to only reach a small percentage of potential visitors.


So if you want to make the most of your exhibiting experience with PRYSM get in touch with our Smart Exhibiting team on