James Williams, Managing Director of Prysm Food & Drink

James Williams, Managing Director of Prysm Food & Drink


At PRYSM Group, we are proud to say that we are the fastest-growing B2B events company in the UK, but this hasn’t happened by chance… we have our phenomenal employees that work hard and go the extra mile to ensure that our shows exceed all our visitors, exhibitors and speakers expectations. We want you to know more about the people behind the scenes; the people who make this company a success.

We spoke to James Williams, a Managing Director based in one of our Bristol offices, and asked him to tell us all about himself and his time at PRYSM. Here is what he had to say:

Tell us a bit about yourself, as well as your life before and outside of PRYSM. When did you join PRYSM and why?
I never ever wanted to be 60 years old and look back on my life saying I didn’t get the chance to explore the world. So I spent my 20s travelling and living abroad, seeing different cultures and meeting new people. Then I met my beautiful wife and decided to embark on a serious career so I could have a family and support the life I always wanted. In that time I became a father for the first time and he is the most important thing in my life. I’m a frustrated Liverpool fan, love all sports and have moulded my management style on David Brent. I joined Prysm Group in 2012 when there were about 15 staff and now, five years on, we are 200 strong. I joined because I wanted to begin a career that was fulfilling and worthwhile.

What have you achieved whilst working at PRYSM?
I came to the company as a sales person. Within three months I was an Event Director and three years later I was a Group Event Director. Last year I became the Managing Director of Prysm Food & Drink and organise the biggest hospitality shows in the U.K. I also organise Naidex and have an office in Bristol city centre with 40 employees. The growth of Prysm Group is stratospheric and it’s been an incredible journey.

What do you think the future has in store for you at PRYSM?
We want to be the biggest exhibition organisers in the world and I want to be a big part of that. The future for me is overseeing 10 offices all over the world while continuing to deliver brilliant exhibitions, full of content and innovation that streer industry trends.

Finally, what is your favourite part about working here?
It’s a family. All of the people I work with are like-minded, driven, motivated and determined to be the best they can be. Some of my closest friendships are with my colleagues at PRYSM and when I look back in 50 years, I want to be sat next to them on a boat in Italy, with a glass of wine reflecting on huge achievements and more importantly, the fun we’ve had along the way. 

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