The Business Show - Marketing for Startups

The Business Show - Marketing for Startups


Marketing a startup is a completely different ball game to marketing an SME or an established enterprise. The clue is in the name “startup”; a brand new starter business is unlikely to have any form of brand recognition to help them reach their target market.

Most startups have to face two common problems when it comes to creating a successful marketing strategy; the first being competition. Yes, you may have come up with a game-changing idea or even found a gap in the market that no other business within your sector has considered… the harsh reality is, there are still plenty of other businesses battling against you for your target consumer. Therefore, startups have to work even harder to convince their audience to spend their hard-earned cash on them over their competitors.

The second issue to overcome is budget. A startup’s marketing budget will usually be extremely tight. Paid advertisements both on and offline are definitely not a viable option for any new business; meaning startup marketers have to be twice as savvy when creating new marketing strategies, as they have to be both effective and cost effective!  

Searching for the most efficient marketing solutions for your startup could take hours of scrolling through the web. You may even end up paying through the nose to meet with just one industry expert to help you get the marketing ball rolling.

Luckily, on the 16 & 17 November, London’s Olympia will play host to The Business Show; Europe’s largest business exhibition housing an extensive array of world-class seminars, industry-leading suppliers, features and networking opportunities to help any startup’s marketing strategy be a success.

All 250 seminars are presented by the country’s leading experts and figureheads, and if you’re a startup business owner, you would be a fool to miss Google’s head of UK B2B marketing Raja Saggi. He is guaranteed to know the secrets to digital marketing success. In his seminar, Raja will share practical tips for how you can use digital advertising to conquer B2B and B2C customer acquisition and improve growth.

We even have a whole zone dedicated to startups. Along with some incredible seminars, the Startup Zone will house some go-to masterclasses. The Digital Marketing Kickstarter Masterclass will have experts from on-hand to show you how to use social media to attract endless customers, as well as talk through their seven-step automated sales & marketing system.

Behind every successful business is a good brand. If you market your brand correctly, it should convey everything you want your customers to know about your business; which is why we have created the Branding Masterclass. Here, the Intellectual Property Office gurus will guide you through the importance of branding, how to innovate and distinguish your business and how to apply for protection for your brand. Our masterclasses will be running across both days of the show, and are absolutely free to attend, but make sure you book your place as they fill up fast!

If you’re a startup business owner looking for the marketing strategies and solutions needed to ensure you stand out in an increasingly-competitive market, then The Business Show is the event you must attend this year!