Don't Let Leads Go Cold
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Don't Let Leads Go Cold

The longer you wait before following up on all the leads you gained from the show, the more diluted the connections you made with visitors will become.

Attendees are likely to have interacted with many exhibitors at the event, so getting back in touch with them in a timely fashion will make you stand out and appear more proactive than your competitors.

People are unlikely to recall the name and product of everyone they spoke to at the show a week later, so put a plan in place to contact them within a couple of days to begin discussions over the next steps.

You’ll be busy when you return to the office having spent two days at the event and away from your desk, but your ROI will thank you for it if you can set aside some time to tackle your list of leads within the first few working days post-show.

And if you don’t have the time to spend an afternoon ringing through your leads, then delegate the job to a colleague. It may even be worth getting a taskforce together that’s dedicated to executing your post-show plan - ensuring that those leads are still piping hot when you make contact with them.